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    Hi Everyone, 
    I wanted to drop in here and let everyone know we are listening and thank you for your feedback. I can definitely see how this would be a great addition for Android users. 

    While this currently isn't on the roadmap, I encourage others to upvote this request to show their support. 

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    You guys need to get on android wear ASAP. Your biggest competition,ViewRanger, offers andorod wear. The time is now. Get the developers on it. I really would like to stay with gaia gps but if this feature is not brought I will be forced to switch to ViewRanger

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    Agreed.  I would love a Gaiagps app on Android Wear.  It would be convenient to look at your watch to make sure that you’re following the hiking trail and not have to pull out your phone.

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    Here's a response I received.


    "We don't have plans to integrate with the Android Wear platform at this time, but other users have expressed a desire for it on our Community Forum here:

    Feel free to vote, comment, and follow this feature request."


    Really hoping they pick this up seeing as I already purchased a year.

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    I agree, it would be a great feature to work with the "Guide Me" function on the phone. It wouldn't be nearly as awkward to hike and navigate, if you could just glance at your wrist at every fork in the road. 

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    Signed up just to comment I really want an Android Wear App. I'm deciding between Gaia, Viewranger, and Alltrails. An Android Wear App would really seal the deal on this app.

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    WayneStanton, you're better off choosing another app that already supports android wear. These guys really show no interest (or priority) in making this happen. Maybe if they lose out on would be subscribers they will make it happen. I plan on not renewing my yearly subscription until they decide to make this feature available.

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