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    Hey zpearo,

    Currently, adjusting areas to have the option to be clear/hollow is not on the roadmap for this year. I do appreciate the feedback and encourage anyone interested in this feature to upvote this post. 

    In the meantime, in addition to the workaround that Nate mentioned, you can import areas as GPX files to Gaia GPS and it will display only the outline of the area without any shading. 

    For folks creating areas in the app that they do not want to be shaded, I recommend creating a straight line route: Create a Route in the iOS App.

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    Thanks for posting and I see how having the option to set the interior color to clear would be beneficial.

    As a workaround, you can create a custom map source based on the areas and adjust the shade and outline of the areas. Check out this article for more details on creating a custom map source: Import Maps/Data with Mapbox Studio.

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    Any discussion about this?  Seems like it would be a relatively quick fix to have just a border and clear/hollow color for the interior? 

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