Circular areas to help save lives and find the missing



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    I definitely see the benefit. A circular search area is critical for lost person situations. Having that capability would greatly help rescuers stay within those set boundaries which grow larger as time passes. With Gaia searchers can also be updated instantly if the search area changes.

    On a separate note I could see potential for it to be used for tracking during hunting. Either estimating the range of a species or blood trailing an injured one.

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    I agree with this request. There are a number of applications, especially in a SAR environment, in which this could be useful. Being able to define a search area based on an area of probability that a subject may be located in would be quite helpful. Not only this, but there are non SAR applications as well. For example, say an area has restrictions on how far you must be from roads, trails and streams to camp. Being able to define a circular radius around your proposed campsite would be an easy way to do this.

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    This ability will add greatly to our understanding of lost person behavior over the long haul. It is also useful for land managers when setting protective zones around sensitive sites. I agree with John May's suggestion on needing circular areas.

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    I agree with and support the above comments regarding great value for SAR in being able to define probability parameters using concentric circles - invaluable in planning a lost person search!  This capability would be very useful in other situations, also.

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    I have been asked to comment here, based on my post in the General Discussion...

    I hope that my request here is distroed across all platforms. I certainly want to see it on 'Droid and the desktop, not just iOS.


    Range rings show a set of concentric circles labeled by distance from a central point, sometimes with radial lines, for judging distance and angle from a geographic location. Keywords: Range rings, radius circles, circles of distance

    My DeLorme GPS has these. Garmin doesn't appear to. A quick web search will turn up so many hits that I think the message is clear. Range rings are SO much more useful than scaling lines on a map device. While they are useful on a paper map because you can't draw and erase circles all over your map, there is no excuse for not having them on an electronic device.

    Even with paper, during search and rescue (S&R), we will draw them on maps, knowing that the maps will be tossed at the end of the event.

    For groundwork, I find the radial lines useful. For cycling and driving, not so much. Toggling either on|off would be useful.

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    I will add, that from a recreational standpoint, it would be nice as well. I agree with the distance from camp idea mentioned earlier, and it would be helpful when planning trips. Say I want to plan a trip , but only have a limited amount of time, and want to see what is in a certain drive distance to maximize the adventure, and minimize the amount of time the kids are bored in the car. 

    Or if you and friends want to plan together, overlapping circles to split the difference allows a smaller search area for what to do. 

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