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    This! I kept looking for the ability to do so but I found nothing. I will look for an external tool.

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    Hi there, 

    Thanks for posting - Gaia GPS doesn't currently offer robust track editing tools, so I recommend using to edit tracks. 

    You can import your edited tracks back into Gaia GPS at

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    Robyn, that is a real clunky solution. I continue to use MayMyRun to collect data and I really appreciate its track editing features in the app. After years of using tracking apps, I STILL forget to turn off tracking when I get back to my car. I then add a mile or two or three of data at freeway speeds to my track. It's REAL annoying that you don't have a simple way to truncate a track and adjust the time on the track. MapMyRun allows that simple truncation in their app.

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    This ^ 

    I have exactly the same issue: I always forget to turn off tracking in all my apps (I just started to use Gaia) and I always need to trim them.

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    I just edited a track where I forgot to turn on GaiaGPS until I had gone a mile. Here are the steps I figured out:

    1. Export GPX data from GaiaGPS
    2. You need to modify the file name exported by GaiaGPS to be able import it to the "GPX Editor" app on Mac (this is a GREAT app!). Had to erase the ".xml" extension from the "foothills-park-boronda-lake-vista-hill-palo-alto.gpx.xml" leaving "foothills-park-boronda-lake-vista-hill-palo-alto.gpx." This imported properly to GPX Editor.
    3. Create a second track in GPX Editor.
    4. Add new points to the second track. This is fast and easy -- Command-click on the map.
    5. Add an estimated initial departure time and a final time to the second track. I set the final time on the new second track is the same as the departure time on the original (incomplete) track.
    6. Have GPX fill in missing times for the new track points based on the added start and end times you added.
    7. Merge the two tracks into one.
    8. Export as revised GPX file.
    9. Import the new GPX file into web app to add missing elevation data on the new track points.
    10. Export GPX file from GPSVisualizer web app.
    11. Import the final GPX file into GaiaGPS. Imported GPX files create a new folder with the same name as the track.
    12. Rename your original track. I added "ORIG" to the original track.
    13. Move the new track in GaiaGPS from the new folder into my your desired destination folder.
    14. Compare the original (partial) track and the new (complete) tracks. They should match except the new track will have the missing data.
    15. Delete the original (partial) track.

    Moral of the story. Learn to turn on tracking when you leave at the trailhead and turn tracking off when you get back to the trailhead. Whew.

    I hope somebody else finds this recipe useful.

    This recipe should also work for deleting points at the end of a track where you forgot to turn off tracking.

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    > You need to modify the file name exported by GaiaGPS to be able import it to the "GPX Editor" app on Mac (this is a GREAT app!). Had to erase the ".xml" extension from the "foothills-park-boronda-lake-vista-hill-palo-alto.gpx.xml" leaving "foothills-park-boronda-lake-vista-hill-palo-alto.gpx."

    Weird, I'm also post-processing my Gaia GPS tracks with 'GPX Editor' on the Mac (indeed a GREAT app!), but I never had to rename a file. When I export the track under 'Data/GPX' from my track folder on my browser downloads the gpx file with a '.gpx' extension, and I can load this directly into the app.


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    For the scenario you're describing, you are able to crop a track's start/end point in the app. Here are the steps for iOS or Android

    For adding to a track, the steps you described work well. 

    If you are on the iOS app, you can skip using and look up the elevation for a newly imported GPX track right in the app: Lookup Track Elevation

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    Thanks, Robyn. I totally forgot you can truncate a track in the mobile app. I've been cleaning up and organizing my tracks using the web app.

    For my last track cleaning, I used the built-in Lookup Track Elevation. Thanks for pointing that out.

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