Estimating Difficulty of a Given Section of a Route



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    My recommendation would be an option to color code the drawn route with the grade of the elevation change.

    Yellow 2%, green 4%, blue 6%, purple 8%, red10+%  (these are both UP and DOWN).

    That way a hiker could quickly tell when a section is going to be difficult.



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    I like your idea, but lets keep it pretty simple like Ski trails

    green easy, blue more difficult, black difficult

    I would really like to be able to add this to my tracks, but of course elevation change is only one factor to consider, other include footing, is it a  shelf trail with steep drop-offs , weather (rainy or dry), health and experience of participant


    in the end the level of difficulty is pretty subjective, and elevation is not really the only answer, and the final decision about level is up to each participantl

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