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    Friends with Louis and I'm a product owner, so taking a stab at a user story and behaviors here. No idea if this is a small enough story for how Gaia development works:

    As a Gaia user
    I want a way to track individual days as a part of a larger trip
    So that I can see statistics both for individual days and the overall multi-day trip as a whole.

    Given I am on a multi-day trip
    When I begin to record a multi day trip
    Then I can indicate that this is part one of a series of tracks that are related.
    When I record a following segment (i.e. day 2)
    Then I can indicate it is part of an existing trip.

    When I have recorded a segment of trip and I want to review the statistics
    Then I am able to select any individual segment and see those details
    Then I am able to select the overall trip and see the total combined details from all segments that make up that trip.


    Also I pulled up the GPX 1.1 schema to see and it looks like the attribute he suggested is used to tell if GPS signal drops so I don't think that can be used for this purpose. I didn't see any default attributes that would work so might need to create a custom element in the extensions section to accomplish this. Maybe just a trip ID and sequence number could be enough.


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    @LouisMarroquin & @archaicfrost
    Thanks for posting and I see how a trip id or track leg tag would benefit multi-day track recordings. Right now, a feature as streamlined as that is not available, but it is possible to file all your tracks into a folder in order to view the cumulative stats for the trip on

    Check out this article to learn how to manage folders on the web:

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    I too would like to see this feature set. I used GaiaGPS to log my entire 800 km Camino Santiago pilgrimage. 

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    Is this a feature that could be implemented in the future? It would dramatically improve the usefulness of Gaia to me (and clearly many others). It's currently the main drawback of the app in my opinion. 

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