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    Similar req: Hi GaiaGPS - IMHO the ability to auto-snap/conform to existing tracks when creating a route is the most functional feature of GaiaGPS. This works great for planning prior to trips, when wifi or mobile/cell signal is available.

    However, could you please allow this feature to be utilised when offline (i.e. out of mobile/cell signal). Surely, if the maps are downloaded to be offline (with Pro subscription), the algorithms to snap to tracks should be available also? i.e. build it into the app. or pro app, rather than going back to cloud computer/server for calculations.

    This would allow, functional re-routing in the field, minimise battery usage even when in cell signal (i.e. can use whilst in airplane mode), allow quick comparison between multiple route options, and provide ACTUAL elevation profiles for the route (even with a bazillion points, areas that have significant relief around canyons, steep terrain give bogus profiles).

    Creating functional routes is signficantly time consuming via the current offline method of placing a bazillion points along the intended route.

    Please consider.

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    I fully agree, and in my opinion, this feature is THE single most useful, and differentiating feature of Gaia, when compared to a typical handheld GPS (eTrex 20, etc).  

    As a software engineer myself, I have a hard time understanding the actual need for the cloud for using this feature; The snapping is instantaneous even on a very slow & barely useable 3G or WiFi connection. I don't think the cloud (Gaia servers) is doing any calculation. I fear that rather than this being a real technical limitation, this feature might be planned crippleware (intentionally limiting this feature to online-only use for the time being, eventually enticing us to upgrade our subscription to some upcoming super-pro plan.) Why else would it not be available now?

    If it's not added soon, I will start exploring the competing GPS apps.

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    Ashli Baldwin


    Thanks for your comments.

    1) We're eventually planning to make this feature work offline, and we don't plan to make that a paid feature. We feel like the current model of Gaia GPS being free except map downloads and premium maps is a pretty good model. It scales properly with our server and map licensing costs over time, and at the same time tons of people now use the free version.

    2) The routing as currently implemented uses a server-based routing engine. That routing engine needs a lot of data and CPU to run, and can plot complicated routes between arbitrary points, but isn't suitable to just bundle into the app and run locally on a phone.

    3) Instead, we want to add another routing capability, which will just snap to trails/roads you tap, without trying to calculate routes. This is possible to do offline, and desirable... but it's a big project, and I don't have an ETA. It uses the vector data in Gaia Topo, instead of a special routing engine.

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