Problem Hitting the Location Icon



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    I have the same issue and agree with the possible solutions. Another option that would be nice is the ability to lock it into one of these modes, like the directional mode. Accidentally tapping the screen wrong knocks it out of the tracking mode you have selected, forcing you to try and hit the location icon again (twice if you want direction).. which gets us back to the original problem stated. 

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    My suggestion would be to make the icon placeable, like the short-cut icons on Windows.  I use the cross-hair icon the most in order to conserve battery usage,  I also find it extremely difficult to select this icon being it's between the TIME and the scroll menu below it.  If I could place this icon somewhere on the map where it was easiest to access, it would make my navigation much easier. I live in Alaska the cold kills a battery and also a bare hand if I have to remove my glove in order to select a tiny icon.

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