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    That would be a great addition!

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    Wolfgang Koenig

    A new Complication for the Apple Watch 4 in Infograph modular or Infograph will be fine.

    Workoutdoors and Magic Earth did it impanted.

    look these screenshots . The 2 symbols left down


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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for posting - I can definitely see how this would be a helpful feature. Quick note, you can have Gaia GPS display on the Apple Watch when you move your wrist so it is easy to access by:

    On your phone:

    •  Open Watch app > Dock > Tap Favorites under Docking Ordering 
    • Tap Edit > scroll down and tap the green “+” next to Gaia GPS to add it to your Favorites List> Tap and drag Gaia GPS to the top of the Favorites List

    On your watch:

    • Open Gaia GPS and leave it active
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    I am looking to buy a smart watch and i own an iPhone Can I go with a Garmin or Polar watch

    Would thy be compatible with Gaia app and phone or if I must go with the Apple watch

    Thank you

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    Currently, the Gaia GPS watch app is only available on Apple Watches. 

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    You can create a shortcut on your phone that opens Gaia GPS and use that on your Apple Watch as well.

    Steps (Created using iOS 14.4):

    1. Open Shortcut App

    2. Use + to create new shortcut

    3. Name your shortcut

    4. Click Add Action

    5. Select the "X" Scripting option

    6. Select  "Open App"

    7. Click "Choose" next to "Open" in your new action

    8. Find Gaia GPS in your app listing and select it

    (You can continue to add actions here if you want a multi-step shortcut)

    9. Click "Next"

    10. Type in your shortcut name

    11. Click "Done"

    The shortcut you have added is now available on your phone

    12. Select your new shortcut to open it and make sure that "Show on Apple Watch" is turned on; You can also touch the icon to the left of your shortcut name to change the color of the icon

    13. On your Apple Watch, shortcuts are listed by name and can be added to a watch face


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    The lack of a complication seems like a big obvious oversight. Though to be honest I have found the watch app so utterly completely terribly useless that I removed it from my watch.

    The watch app should only operate in a stand alone mode when it is unable to communicate with my phone. Otherwise the app should function as a mirror, as much as possible, for the phone.

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