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    Ashli Baldwin


    Gaia GPS will let you download about 100,000 tiles at once for most map sources, which ends up being around 2GB of space. 

    You can complete several downloads of this size to get a larger region, and if you're Android can utilize an SD card, you'll be able to store your Gaia maps there to save space. 

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    When, oh when, is Gaia going to make it easier to download larger map areas and see what areas have been downloaded?

    Problems with downloads:

    1.  On the rectangle used to select the map area to download, the teeny tiny dot on the corner is too small and it's ridiculously hard to drag it to change the size of the rectangle.

    2.  Map downloads repeatedly freeze and can take days to complete.  Maps don't seem to download in the background.  They only way it appears I can download a big map is to not use my phone for anything else for hours at a time.  The downloads seem to freeze even when my power-saving features merely darken the phone's screen.

    3.  The 100,000 tile-per-download limit is way too small.   I want to download USGS and Gaia topo maps for the whole state of Washington, not just a small fraction of the state.  I would happily pay extra money to be able to load the entire state onto an SD card all at once and be done with it.

    4.  On the tiny screen of a phone, it's very difficult to see what part of the USGS topo of the state of Washington I'm selecting for a given download.

    5.  The default resolution of a download should be configurable or should be set to maximum resolution.  For backcountry navigation using USGS and Gaia topos in the Washington Cascades, there's no point in downloading any less resolution than the maximum unless one's phone is radically low on SD card storage.

    6.  It's exceedingly difficult and time-consuming to figure out what parts of the state are covered by existing downloads.

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    I have to echo Michael Knoll's comments above. I was gung ho on Gaia at first. I'm still amazed by the assortment of layers and their unmatched usefulness. However, not being able to effectively download maps for offline use is a deal breaker. There is simply no point in having reams of data that cannot be easily accessed when actually out doing things. I'm close to requesting a refund, I'm so sorry to say.

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    I have to agree.  Downloading maps is my main issue with Gaia.  I love what it can do, but michaelknoll nailed all my frustrations in trying to download.  Time and time again I get out on the trail far from cell service only to find out that the download didn't complete and the map that I have now is not what I need.

    One more gripe-- I have a phone and two tablets.  Why do I have to download on each device?

    Here's what I want-- to be able to select downloads at home on my desktop computer, download them to my account and then load them to my devices via wifi.  Seems reasonable to me.  How do we make that happen?


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