Elevation Profile for Loaded Route

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    I can definitely see how it would be helpful to have your current position along a route's elevation profile in the app.

    We don't have plans for anything like this at the moment, but I do have an open request for this feature and I've added your vote.

    Thanks for suggesting this. We will update here if this feature becomes available.

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    This feature has been requested for over 5 years, and the answer from the staff is always the same. Every other major competitor has this and I consider it an essential basic feature. I'm sorry to say I will stop using GaiaGPS because of this after years of using both gaiaGPS and Alltrails/komoot.

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    I cant understand this too...

    It shouldnt be problematic to implement, as the gui-elements and the data are allready there.
    And it would be very helpful to see what´s comming on my route and if i have to store some power for the next route-part.

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