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    Hello Eriendur:

    I'm not sure it will help you, but I've found that downloading via mobile data (direct cell connection) works much faster and better than WiFi,  Of course that assumes one has an unlimited data plan.

    Another suggestion that might help - when I used the download along a route feature I found that more maps were downloaded than I wanted as the selection was basically a rectangle including the route.  While it took me more effort to manually select only the maps that my route actually crossed, that resulted in a much smaller download.

    I've also found that selection more than one map layer to download slows things considerably as more than a single map server is involved.  Thus I only download maps from a single layer at a time.  In your case, backcountry bikepacking, I'd first download the GAIA Topo (feet) layer for the regions I would likely cross.  That's a pretty good general layer and because it is vector, it downloads relatively fast and takes up less space than some of the other layers that are raster.  In general, image layers are the slowest (satellite imagery for example) and take the most storage space.

    Good luck, I hope your ride goes well.


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    Thanks Howard. Meanwhile I found a setting where I can stop auto-resuming downloads. That at least helps with that annoying download pop up. I did the method you described for my Cross Washington trip. It was painful to go along the route, decode which part I want, moving the selection rectangle around, decide for which layer. But it worked. I really hesitate to do that with my long route now. I started a new download of another section. 900 MB with two Gaia topo maps (meters, I am from Europe, hehe) and USFS. If I only could see the progrease of the download. Don't hv any data nor SIM card. I hv to rely on WiFi.

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    Melanie Wilson

    Hey @Erlendur,

    You can check on the progress of any map downloads by following these steps:

    From this screen, you can resume any paused downloads by long pressing on the map name and then selecting "Resume Download".

    To delete the pending map download, long-press the map name and then select "More Info" and tap the red Delete button on the map's detail screen.

    Learn more here: Pause and Resume Offline Map Downloads on Android

    A few other things worth noting:

    • Map downloads will be paused on Android if the app is fully closed. Make sure the app is running in the background. 
    • For a large download, try leaving it connected to wifi and plugged in overnight. 
    • Turn on auto-resume so that map downloads will automatically resume if app is closed. Tap Settings > Map Download > Toggle on Auto-resume 
    • You might find Gaia Topo to be a faster download. We host that source. It's mobile-optimized and takes up less space on your device.

    If you continue to have any issues, please reach out to the Support Team here so we can assist you.

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