Download restricted to 100 tiles - Why?




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    Chris Hill

    Hey there! It looks like Jay in Support got you squared away yesterday. Thanks for reaching out. 

    For anyone who stumbles into this post later. This was an issue with the map sources used for this download. We've updated a handful of popular map sources over the years (USGS Topo and Shaded Relief in this case) and you may run into this error if you're trying to download the previous version. 

    You can fix this by removing the source from your Map Sources menu, and then adding it back. When you re-add it, you'll pull in the updated source instead of the old one. 

    If you have any issues please reach out to support here. Cheers!

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    Hi Chris,

    I am having the same issue and removing USGS Topo from my layers didn't help. Is there a list of maps for which this is an issue or do I have to try to remove and add one by one?

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    Jim Margolis


    It could be any of these sources:

    • World Imagery
    • Shaded Relief
    • World Topo
    • Satellite Topo (Feet)
    • Satellite Topo (Meters)
    • USGS Topo

    If you have any further questions, please contact Support here.

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