Are we losing NeoTreks for good?




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    Kristin McLane

    Hi @Aaron,

    It looks like you already got a response to your separate email, but I'll respond here as well for others to see.

    We recently removed the NeoTreks map due to licensing issues - it is no longer available on the web, iOS, or Android. Unfortunately, also due to licensing issues, Gaia GPS does not plan on replacing that source with the updated AccuTerra map source.

    I know one thing people liked a lot about that source was the public land data. 

    We have that data in another map source:

    Follow these steps to add this layer to your layers list:

    iOS: Add and Manage Map Sources in iOS
    Android: Add and Manage Map Sources in Android
    web: Change, Add, and Layer Map Sources on the Main Map

    We just recently added a lot more public land to the Public Land (US) overlay. That data is live for you to check out, and you can expect to learn the details in an upcoming blog post.

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    I cancelled my premium subscription renewal this morning over this loss. I have almost a year left in my current billing cycle. If things change maybe I will return. While I appreciate the honesty and the effort by the GiaGPS staff to offer a suitable replacement the quality just isn’t there yet. Here is a comparison between GiaTopo with shaded relief vs Acuterra by itself. The difference is stark. The colors on GiaTopo are washed out and the contrast between the background and the contour lines is so low as to make the contour lines almost unreadable. This remains the case even at higher levels of detail. Accuterra by itself is wonderfully readable. Maybe things will improve over the next year but for now this is just unacceptable.

    Also take note of the gaps in the green coloration the on GiaTopo. The *entire* area pictured is national forest. There should not be any gaps in the green on GiaTopo.

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