Gaia GPS app feature request: Quick estimate of distance/elevation along trail to a destination

Not planned



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    Kristin McLane

    Hi @Louden00,

    Right now, creating a route is the best way to measure distances in the app.

    If you are using Gaia Topo, the new version also displays mileage between points on the trail, which is helpful for estimating distance at a glance. You can learn more about that on our blog:

    I can definitely see how it would be helpful to more quickly and easily measure your distance to a random point though.

    We don't have plans for anything like this at the moment, but I do have an open request for this feature and I've added your vote.

    Thanks for suggesting this. We will update here if this feature becomes available.

    PS - If you are experiencing issues with track recordings stopping, please get in touch with Support so we can help.

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    BTW -  I suppose I could just set up a "route" to the destination but I am looking for something that is a little quicker and easier than that process.  Thanks.


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    1000x this.
    I personally never use the recording mode as I try to conserve phone battery on multi day trips. I tend to just use the app to check my location along the route every so often. I think this is very common amongst long distance hikers.

    Creating a new route to quickly check the distance is quite arduous when there are 30 or so waypoints in the route. (Also snap-to route editing offline seems to just cause the app to crash) has this feature, and alltrails and komoot both have this feature in their free android app so it's clearly doable. You just need to enable the user to scroll through the elevation/distance graph so that the equivalent position is visible on the map above.

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