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    Seconding this! Sometimes I have to scroll the list two or three times because it's so easy to miss what I'm looking for in such a long list. Even a choice of sort options would be really nice; as things are now, on the web app, it seems like recently used layers go to the top of the list, but sometimes they don't, while the remaining layers are roughly alphabetical, but not always? And mobile does it differently. At least on the iOS app, it seems to be almost alphabetical, but sometimes there are exceptions? It seems inconsistent, which, combined with the number of map layers that some of us are regularly making use of now, results in a sometimes time-consuming search for the layer you want.

    A search feature would probably be the most useful, but sort options, as well as custom folders (or some means of grouping), would be nice, too! I don't always remember the names of layers I use less often), making searching hard for those cases, haha.

    The pre-loaded maps are already in category folders/groupings, but I have been using more and more custom map layers that I've been creating that are tailored to specific needs I'm having, and they all just lump together in the 'custom' folder, which is now filled with 50+ items, and often displayed in a seemingly random order, which isn't ideal. It would be nice to be able to separate them, for example, with a folder for custom base maps, a folder for road maps, one for label layers, one for point features, etc.

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