Having the area displayed on the apple watch?

Not planned



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    Kristin McLane

    Hi @studnick,

    I moved your post into the correct topic of iOS Feature Requests.

    Right now it is only possible to send Routes to the Watch and view the map around that Route. I can definitely see how it would be helpful to send Areas to the Watch as well.

    There aren't any current plans for this but I do have an open request for this feature and I've added your vote.

    Thanks for sharing. We will update here if this feature becomes available.

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    Another SAR person agreeing - but frankly at this point I'd be happy with GAIA watch ap actually showing a map *at all* the update version it's just a glorified workout ap. And they are slowly ruining the phone ap too with that weird swipe up tray because we can't even see our info upon a click, now it is make waypoint - see local to it - swipe up - scroll up - hope i picked the gd right point i want to see - click that - get a second screen with the info (so...not even seeing it on the map anymore...)

    The more GAIA moves away from maps...the more they're gonna lose people. GAIA's base isn't sam, karen and fred out for a neighborhood bikeride. It's actual outdoorspeople who want actual maps that work.

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