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    Chris Hill

    Just popping in to close this thread and let everyone know how to edit the map tap action. 

    Open the app and go to Settings > Map Controls > Map Tap Action

    You can change what happens when you tap the map. You have a choice of: 

    - Show the tap drawer
    - Start creating a route
    - Create a waypoint

    Thanks for all your feedback! 

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    I've been using Gaia for years.  When I updated to the latest version, the add waypoint by tapping the screen appeared.  It makes the program utterly useless.  I can't even tap on my saved waypoints anymore - it just adds "Marked Location"

    I tried looking into settings but there doesn't seem a way to turn it off.  I'm now switching to another program that doesn't have this "feature". 





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    Same here. I do find that if you tap the screen near an existing waypoint on the map that lower down on the screen you can get an existing waypoint or other feature to show up and edit it then. But I also agree that this tap to add feature needs to be removed or modified to work more logically.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry for the confusion.  This is a new feature called the tap drawer, which cannot be turned off.

    This feature allows you to differentiate between different things on the map -- multiple map layers, saved items (tracks, waypoints, etc.), and trails, places, and other map icons.  To see the item you are trying to tap on, pull the drawer up and then tap on the item.

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    Was told to add myvote for this change by gaia support. I already upvoted the OP. Adding my vote for ability to turn off this annoying frustraiting feature that burries what im looking for and makes gaia more difficult to use.

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    I have been using gaiagps for years. I used to be able to tap an existing waypoint on the map to see its info but tapping on it. But now tapping on it brings up a 'marked location' popup. what's going on? A useful feature has been replaced by some annoyance? How do I open a waypoint at the location on the map directly? This tap to add new waypoint is driving me nut. Why can't we turn that feature off. I guess gaiagps is trying our patience.

    Swiping up is not showing the location. seeing the info on the map is useful. 

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    It’s a good feature but it would be nice to have the ability to disable it.

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