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    Chris Hill

    Hello all,

    Folders are now available in the Saved Items sidebar!

    We've implemented a lot of the features you've been asking for. Here are some highlights:

    • Nested folders - Items filed to folders are no longer shown at the root level. Opening a folder takes you to a view of just the items in that folder. This functionality should feel familiar to anyone who has used folders in Windows Explorer or Finder.
    • Create, edit, and delete folders from the sidebar.
    • Filter the sidebar by Folders
    • Adds a button to “Create a new item” to the saved items sidebar. Allows you to create new items while inside a folder.
    • Adds the ability to file items and folders to folders. Adds an interface that allows you to either select a recently used folder, create a new folder, or browse your existing folders.
    • Adds the ability to change the visibility of folders

    There are a few limitations with folders at the movement:

    • Folders shared with you will not be displayed below the root level.
    • From the sidebar, folder privacy can be toggled between public and private, but there is not a way to share or view the details of folders just yet. 
    • If an item is filed to a folder, that folder is not displayed when viewing the item’s details in the sidebar.

    We are continuing to work on this and we have a few follow-ups already planned:

    • Address the current limitations
    • Allow an item to be filed to a folder from its details sidebar
    • Improve support for shared folders

    You can read more about working with folders in the sidebar here.

    If you have any issues or feedback please reach out to Support here.

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    I agree. And the ability to filter the Saved Items pane by Folder. I want to be able to view the contents of a single folder on the large map.

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    +1  This would be extremely helpful. 

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