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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your feedback - much appreciated! I'm glad to hear that you're liking the latest update.

    These are all good requests. I don't have any sort of timeline for when we'd be able to implement these changes, but I did mention them at our staff meeting today :)


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    I agree with dmaxey.  These are ALL very important issues that need fixing on the Android app.  I am surprised you guys even released the new version with all these issues.

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    Ashli, our Taos SAR team still struggles with training our Android users.  Posting and updating a comparison chart of iOS vs Android feature sets would be helpful along with notations as to features currently in development. For instance, the "Create Area" function is still not an option on Android (as far as I know).  I had read that Gaia increased staff, including an Android expert. Perhaps we'll start seeing more similarities in the 2 platforms.  Currently, we plan to train our Android folks separately from our iOS users to avoid confusion. All that said, Gaia is still the best thing in outdoor navigation. Keep up the good work. 

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    #2 is absolutely killing me right now.

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