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    If you are a Premium member the tunnels are marked on the NatGeo map layer. You could then create you manual waypoints. The first one is at Lat: 36.057462 Long: -112.143965 and the second is at Lat 36.058893 Long: -112.144980

    If you need help with how to create waypoints just go to the knowledge base for the app you are using. I don't know if you are on iOS or Android. Good luck with your trip.

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    Thanks for the help.  I ended up looking up the distance to each tunnel via a pdf file that had the information.  Then I created a route from the start of the Bright Angel Trail to the 1st rest house.  That allowed me to view the distance as I drew the route.  Kind of backwards way but it worked.  I will definitely plug in those coordinates, and probably end up purchasing the premium version.  Thanks the time you took to respond.  It is appreciated.  

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