Colors in waypoint icon choices



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    I want this feature for very similar reasons.  For overlanding/dispersed camping, I want the ability to visually distinguish among camping sites with different qualities, namely: 1) potential spot found via map scouting that I haven't physically visited yet, 2) visited and it's a good site, and 3) visited and it's not a good site.  What I want is to use the same tent waypoint icon, but with different colors that are assigned these meanings I described above.

    What'd be great is, just like the way you can access emoji's of different colors on iOS, if I long-tap-and-hold on the camp icon, I can choose what colored ring I want to assign to it.



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    Selecting the background color inside the ring would also be useful.

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    This would be a great feature, along with additional icon choices.  

    That said, the official Emoji set is growing all the time, and there are icons for nearly everything -- Hiking boots, fishing, paddling, transportation, food, camping...   Why have a proprietary set of icons when there is a now a standardized set that are broadly adopted?

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    I would like this as well, in addition to Change icons colors or styles for entire folder.

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