Distance Markers for Android



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    Please add this. Currently, I have to manually add waypoints and it is quite a chore.

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    Agreed - this would be a VERY helpful feature for route planning.

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    We need distance markers on the Android version of GAIA GPS. This is very frustrating not to have in the Android version. I need to know how far I have to hike on the trail, not as the crow flies. PLEASE ADD ASAP.

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    Thanks for posting and sharing your feedback.

    I can see how this feature would be helpful but unfortunately, don't have an ETA on this feature as current projects are focused on updating the mapping framework in the Android app.

    In the meantime, you can view the distance you have hiked by adjusting one of the variables in the Stats Bar to be Distance.

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    Yes this is super frustrating just bought an android tablet for this but the distance markers are not available. Can you update on the roadmap for this? Been at least a year since the request was made.

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    Please add this.  I was very disappointed I couldn't add distance markers after I paid for this subscription. I saw my buddy do it on his iphone and just assumed it would be the same on Android. I won't be renewing my subscription. when it expires until you get this added, and I actually regret having made this purchase.  Thanks. 

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    I'm sorry this feature is not available in the Android app - we definitely understand the value in adding this feature but like Nate said we are currently focused on updating the mapping framework in the Android app. After this project, we will be able to work on adding new features for Android and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

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    I would also like to have this feature for android phones. It looks like this has been requested for over a year and from your comments it doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon. When you add features for one do it for the other also.

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