Copyright/ Legality: Can I upload screen recordings of me using Gaia into a YouTube video?



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    I have the same question.  It sure appears that a number of Vbloggers are doing this but I would like to know if it is ok.

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    Brian Norwick

    I received this response from Gaia Customer Support, hope it helps:

    Jim Margolis (Gaia GPS)

    Dec 28, 2022, 12:58 PST

    Yes, you can use images, screenshots, and recordings from provided the following:

    1. You have permission or own the copyright to the data (i.e., the tracks, waypoints, etc. are yours or you have permission to use them).

    2. You use Gaia Topo as the map source for your screenshots. It is based on OpenStreetMap data, so as long as you attribute both OSM and Gaia GPS, this should be fine. You can attribute the map by adding © Gaia GPS, © OpenStreetMap contributors to the bottom corner of any map image. You cannot use other sources, you may only use Gaia Topo.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
    Jim Margolis
    Gaia GPS
    Adventure Support | Gaia GPS Customer Success
    Outside Inc. Team
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