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    +1 on this feature.    I would prefer to export clean tracks.  I love Gaia GPS, but the only things I hate is the export file format.  It's like a Frankenstein file.   It's not a proper Track... but it's a route that acts like a track and it peppers hundreds or even thousands of waypoints in the file.

    Right now I'm having to export my route as a GPX file and then bring it into Basecamp where I convert it to a track and send the clean track to my GPS unit.

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    +2 on Exporting a Route as a Track.  I love GAIA for building routes.  However  the people I Overland with have many different brands of dedicated GPS units and can only import GPX files that are tracks.  They cannot import a GPX file that contains a GAIA GPX route. 

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    I agree that a native function to create a Route in Gaia and save or export as a GPX Track would be great. I found a work-around that's kind of kludgy, but works. 

    1 - In Gaia, export your tracks or folder of tracks to GPX and save on your device or computer.

    2 - Go to:

    3 - On main page choose "Convert to GPX"

    4 - On next page choose "Upload" and find your saved Gaia GPX file on your device/puter

    5 - Open the Advanced options tab and in Track and Waypoint options select:
    - GPX/CSV routepoints: Convert to tracks only
    - Include waypoints: None
    - Geotag points with time but no position: No

    6 - Go back up to the top and "Convert" 

    7 - Wait for it to crunch, and save the file to your device.

    You "should" be able to open the resulting standard GPX file in Gaia, Mapsource, Basecamp, etc.

    I've not played around much with the color, tagging, geocache, etc options, but have found good results with the options above. 

    Hope this helps. 

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