Elevation Loss and Gain Discrepancies




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    I had the same question on this difference between edit mode and saved route. Ideally these should be the same.

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    Yes, the reported values should be the same and we are currently tracking this to find the root of the issue.

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    I take it there is still no solution?  I don't know about elevation loss and gain, but the total mileage is way off when viewed as a folder.  Here's a link to my folder, as you can see the total distance of the routes in the folder is far greater than the total listed in the folder Stats.


    Hoping to see a solution, thanks!

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    Maybe the discrepancy has common roots with the problem that route and track show very different climb estimates. If this is the case, maybe the two links can help understanding what's going on:

    Planned route: about 1400 m climb <https://www.gaiagps.com/public/KzFGZMnHceIuXVM5HCciOdc5>

    Track recording : about 900 m climb <https://www.gaiagps.com/public/42IYhOtHrTKSMifQE8E2Nrcu>

    The track followed the route quite tightly. What comes to my mind is that the route was drawn in Hiking mode, maybe the climb estimate is done along the straight lines joining the drawn points rather than along the trails.



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    @Orin I'm sorry you are having trouble with the stats for routes filed into folders. I believe I commented to a similar post you left on this issue and have created a separate bug report to investigate this issue.

    @fvaccari Thanks for the added detail - we are still tracking this issue. I'm, sorry for any trouble this issue may cause in the meantime.

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    Same issue here.  I notice that on @fvaccari's elevation profiles, they are almost identical between the route and the track.  That is the same with my run today -- I planned for a 2400+ foot elevation gain over 11.5 miles, which is what the route shows, but when I tracked precisely the same route it returned a 1600 foot elevation gain -- and the reported elevation profiles are basically identical.  I'm wondering whether you are not capturing cumulative gain in the tracks.  Regardless, this is more than a bug -- it is a crippling shortfall in the program because it leaves us clueless as to which is the correct report.  Seems like it should be a very high priority to fix and I'm surprised that month later it is still a problem.  If it would be helpful I can post my charts, but it wouldn't be all that different from what @fvaccari has given you.

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    @wbarsky Thanks you for posting and providing more details on this issue.

    Do you mind sending me a link to your route and track recording directly? You can send it to support@gaiagps.com and mention my name so it gets routed to me.

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