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    technically, you're not adding a point, you're only moving an existing point.  I've been playing with this, say you want to vary your route down an adjacent trail, you need to move basically all the points and then extend the route once you've run out of points to move.

    Further, let's say you would like to adjust the trail head/start point, you must drag the blue dots to the desired spot, on one end, but create a new dot on the other.

    Just fyi, in ios, iphone, I created a route, down the road from an existing route, saved it, went back to edit route following the instructions, and both routes were 'highlighted", so when I went to extend the selected route, it 'extended' from the adjacent route.  To get it to select ONLY  the route I wanted, I tapped one of the distance markers on the route I wanted, tapped the "i" icon, then the pencil, edit route, and then only the route I wanted was 'highlighted".

    That said, I'm not" having trouble", some the help verbiage could be more precise, when you say" Add Points to the Middle of the Route - Drag and drop any of the interval distance markers to add a new point along the route." you are not adding, you're moving, there's a difference.

    Anyway, great app, use it all the time in the woods, iphone, airplane mode, only to double check location.

    Distance markers are a nice add.  Importing multiple routes at the same time from caltopo does crazy stuff, app can't figure out 3 routes with same name, lesson learned on my part.  Keep up the good work.



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