Adding Gaia GPS to an Additional Device

If you log into a new iOS device with the same Apple ID used to purchase Gaia GPS, you can add the app to that device without re-purchasing it from iTunes .

Open the App Store app.

Then follow these steps:
  1. Tap "Search"
  2. Enter Gaia GPS in the search bar
  3. Tap the Download button (cloud with down arrow)
Note: The cloud icon indicates that the app has been previously purchased (you will not be charged again).

If a button saying PURCHASE appears instead, it is possible that you are signed in with a different Apple ID than you used to purchase Gaia GPS.

Once you tap the Download icon, it should go through a series of loading icons:

Tap "Open" or exit the App Store app and tap on the newly installed Gaia GPS icon.

Check out How to Add GaiaPro to Another Device here .

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