Import GPX and KML files in Gaia GPS for iOS

In this article:

  • Email a GPX or KML file to yourself as an attachment
  • Open that email from the Apple "mail" app
  • Long-press the attachment, and choose "Open In Gaia GPS"

Note: Every time you import a file into Gaia GPS, a new folder is created. To show all imported tracks in the saved tracks menu, follow the instructions here.

Text Message

You can also receive GPX or KML files as a text message. To open it in Gaia GPS:

  • Open the message with the imessage app
  • GPX files can be imported unto Gaia GPS through two different methods:

Method #1

  1. Tap the GPX attachment to open it
  2. Tap the action icon 
  3. Select "Copy to Gaia GPS"

Method #2
  1. Tap the information button in the top right corner
  2. Select Attachments at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap the attachment you want to import into Gaia GPS
  4. Tap the action icon 
  5. Select "Copy to Gaia GPS"
KML file imports will follow the same steps as Method #2 for GPX imports

(iTunes version 6.4 or higher):

  1. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Select your device from the menu on the top of the iTunes window
  4. Select the Apps tab at the top of the screen
  5. Scroll down and select Gaia from the "File Sharing" app list at the bottom
  6. Drag your imports to the Documents section
  7. Start up Gaia GPS and it will prompt you to import the files





1. Add the GPX or KML file to your Dropbox account.

2. Install the Dropbox app on your device

3. Find and open the file from the Dropbox app. This will open the file as a text page

4. Tap in the upper right for more options

5. Tap Export

6. Select the "Open In..." option

7. Select "Copy to Gaia GPS" on the next screen

8. When completed a "Successfully Imported Track(s)" message will appear

9. The file will be available in your saved folders


  • Gaia GPS has a file limit of 15 MB. Files over 15 MB should be split up into several files so that they can import into Gaia GPS.
  • Larger files may take longer to import
  • If you have both a GPX and KML with the same data, we recommend the GPX, as many KML files lack speed/time data contained in the GPX.


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  • 0

    iTunes instructions appear to be out of date. I see no Apps tab at the top of the window.

  • 0
    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi @greg. Here is a screenshot of where you can find the "apps" tab. You'll have to plug in your device and select it to view this menu

  • 0
    Bernhard Boser

    How can I import several files (I have about 60) at once?

    Also, each uploaded file ends apparently in its own folder. With 60 files that's unwieldy. Is there a way around this, preferably all files in the same folder? (or none)?

    Edited by Bernhard Boser
  • 0
    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Bernhard,

    The iTunes import method will allow you to select multiple files at once and drop them into the 'Documents' section.

    For all the files to be added to the same folder, you'll want to combine them into a single GPX file first. You can do that using a 3rd party software, like Adze.

    Edited by Ashli Baldwin
  • 0

    Ashli this isn't a good workaround to avoiding all the files, as I'd still want all the tracks to be distinct. I hope Gaia figures this out soon.

  • 0

    I found what seems to be a bug with Dropbox import. I get less data (e.g. Total time is missing) when going through this flow, than with uploading the same exact gpx file from Dropbox using the web UI.

  • 0
    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Ryan,

    Rather than combining the track lines together, Adze will allow you to combine multiple, distinct tracks into a single GPX file, and the Gaia GPS app knows to keep them separate.

    For Dropbox import, do you mind sending a full bug report to Include the file in question and the steps we can take to reproduce the same results you got.

  • 0
    Randy P

    Is there a way to delete waypoints imported as a gpx file in a batch process, or do we have to delete each of them individually?

  • 0
    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Randy,

    You can delete many items at once from your account on This article will help you get started:


    Just note that if you delete an item from, it will get deleted on your device, too.

  • 0

    Is it possible to import as a Route, rather than as a Track?  Friends have created Routes in their app, and then share them with me over SMS or AirDrop.  When I import them, they turn into Tracks, which can't be edited in the same way as Routes.  Thanks!

    Edited by worthamc
  • 0
    Ashli Baldwin

    If the routes are created in Gaia GPS, then they should import as a route, too. Please feel free to submit a ticket with more information so that we can take a closer look.

    Let us know:

    1. How the route was created and on what type of device

    2. How you imported the route and to what type of device

    3. Also send a copy of the route file

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