Display, Use, and Edit Waypoints, Tracks, etc.

Use the menu or map to display the details for a track, route, or waypoint:



a) Tap the top left menu button, and choose the list you want (Tracks/Routes/Waypoints/Maps)

b) Select the item you want from the list



a) Tap the item on the map, and then tap the label for the item


Moving a Waypoint

1. Tap the waypoint icon to display the label

2. Tap the label to open the details screen



3. Tap Edit/Reposition

4. Move the waypoint by manually entering a set or coordinates or tapping over the opaque circle to drag it on the map


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    Fred Beck

    Did not address moving waypoints

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks, I've added information about moving your waypoints.

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