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    I wish all of the Gaia GPS Help articles would specify what Hardware Platform and Application Version the article referredd to.

    I'm new to Gaia GPS -- and love the product -- but more often than not the screens and instructions I'm reading about in these Help articles don't track very closely with what I'm seeing on my iPhone app. This would be cleared up if the article specified hardware application and application version number the author was using. 

    For example, this article says to "Clear Automatic Map Cache" in the STORAGE section of the Gaia GPS Settings. Unless I'm going crazy, this option doesn't exist on my app.

    I'm using Version 1.6.1 of the iPhone app, so I have to assume you're using some other platform than Gaia GPS for iPhone. 

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    Hi John,

    Sorry for the confusion. Check out my answer to your other post to see how to identify which version of the Help Center you are viewing:

    Also, here is the link on how to verify offline map in the iOS version of Gaia GPS:

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