Finding Trails and POIs in Gaia GPS for iOS




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    This feature is not working on my ios gaiagps.  when I search nothing ever drops down and all it finds is streets with similar names.  type Yosemite and wait, nothing.  hit search and it takes me a to a nearby street named Yosemite.  Am I missing something?

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi cactusspine,

    This feature is available in the new version of Gaia GPS. It's a separate app, but it's free for 2 years existing Gaia GPS users.

    You can read about the new app on our blog, and I think you'll like the upgrade - we made tremendous improvements in how Gaia GPS works on many levels.

    You can download it on the App Store at no additional cost. Look for the Gaia GPS app icon with the gold border.

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    Ashli, I don't what you mean about a new version with gold border. When I go to the IOS App Store, there's only one version and I already have it.  It's called Classic.  Is that the right version?

    Do you have some instructions that start people from the beginning.  I find searching on my phone to be excruciating.  Is it possible to mark an area on my computer and then download it to my phone.  I think this is a great program but it is so difficult to use.  Some basic instructions would be helpful for how to use the website would be helpful.


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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi again,

    If you search for Gaia GPS in the App Store on your device, the version with the gold border should be the third option I think. Here is a direct link to it on iTunes:

    You can search for parks and trails at Once you find the area or trail you want to add to your device, click where it says 'Send to App'. Here is a great blog post about that:

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    Doesn't work on

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    I'm sorry you are having an issue with the Search feature on Can you click 'Submit a Request' above to contact the support team, and let us know the trail, park, or POI you are looking for so we can take a closer look?

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