Delete A Track (or Route, Waypoint or Map)




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    Is there any place that actually explains how any of this works??? I'm trying to delete a purple triangular area on my ipad (who thought to make areas triangular anyway - stupid) but cannot find anywhere how to do this.

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    This article covers the Android version of the app, sorry for the confusion.

    You can delete the area from your iPad by: tap the area in the main map > tap the “i” icon > tap the Action icon (3 dots) > Delete.

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    Ive tried to delete tracks off my map using every screen and button possible - there is NOTHING in my "Saved" and still, there are tracks on my map. Its infuriating. 

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    I'm sorry you are having an issue deleting tracks.

    Can you click “Submit a Request” above and include a screenshot of the issue so we can take a closer look?

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    I have the same problem Travis has. I have never intentionally created or saved any tracks or routes - only 3 waypoints. I just got this app. In ‘saved’ I only see my 3 points, nothing else. But there are red lines cluttering up my map. How can I get rid of them?

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    I'd like to remove the track from the map to draw other tracks and save them separately, but it is impossible to get rid of the track.

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    Can you try filtering your saved folder to show “All” and see if you have any routes or tracks saved to your account?

    - Tap Saved > Tap the filter icon in the top left > All

    If you cannot remove the red lines, can you share a screenshot, the coordinates of the area, along with the map source you are viewing and I can troubleshoot?

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