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    In my search in the forums for "suggestions for the future" I stumbled upon this thread regarding map icons.  I was initially looking for a thread to suggest additional icons get added to the mapping system, but I will toss it in here since I can't find one already.....maybe I just didn't see it.

    The map icons Gaia starts with are okay, but are certainly not complete for the outdoors.  Having the ability to import custom icons would be the best option as there are literally 1,000s of icons on the web for customization.  

    Short of that, adding icons for propane, fresh water source, dump station, mountain summits, mountain passes, hiking trailhead are just a small example.  Also, having different icons to differentiate between primitive campsites to RV parks (instead of just one tent icon) would be nice.

    Map icons can be very subjective to each user so having more options or the ability to customize them would be a great benefit for users.

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    Please follow this Gaia GPS Community Forums link to vote and comment on waypoint icon you would like to see included in Gaia GPS:


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