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    I love the app, I really do. But I find it annoying that I have to come to this post to look at the legends when I am planning, and even worse that I really can't find legends when in the field. Since each layer has different legend, will there be a development whereby we can access the legend in the field, you know, when you need it? Each is so different, it's hard to remember which Gaia trail is which, alongside understanding NFS trails, MVUM, etc. 

    Or am I blatantly missing something? 

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    Thanks for posting - we definitely understand the importance of having this information readily available.

    We are currently working to add them to the iOS app so you will be able to view the map legend by tapping 'i' in the bottom corner of the map screen.

    If you would like to become a beta tester and try this addition out before it is released. Follow these steps to join the Beta program:

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