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    How do I find a go to function to navigate to a series of points each with a known coordinate? This is what I will do most.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    It sounds like 'Guide Me' is what you're looking for. Here is the help article for that:

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    When I record a track, what is displayed is a series of straight lines rather than the meandering trail as it actually is. This makes it very difficult or impossible to backtrack when I am off trail. What do I need to adjust or reset so that the track will show the actual path taken?

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    I'm sorry there was an issue with your recent track recording. I noticed you also sent us an email and Robyn has followed up with you.

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    I am trying to map out running routes and despite being on hiking or biking after a few entries the path reverts to a straight line. I can't seem to resolve this issue.



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    I'm sorry you are having an issue creating routes.

    Can you click “Submit a Request” above and include a link to the routes so we can look into this?

    Here's how to create a shared link to your route.

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    I am having a problems entering coordinates. I cannot find the option to put in N for lat. and W for long.


    I enter the numbers but I do not see the options for the correct hemispheres.  For some reason it is set to South and East. 


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    I'm sorry you are having an issue entering the coordinates for your waypoints.

    To specify latitude and longitude direction:
    1. Set the units in Gaia GPS to “Degrees, Decimal Minutes” or “Degrees, Minutes, Seconds”

    • open Gaia GPS > Settings > Units > Coordinate Type > select either “Degrees, Decimal Minutes” or “Degrees, Minutes, Seconds”

    2. Tap the Create icon> Add Waypoint> tap the correct latitude and longitude direction

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    How do I remove saved tracks from showing on the main map?

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    You can hide or display saved tracks in the app by tapping the eye icon next to the track's name in the Saved menu. For more details, check out this article: Show or Hide Tracks, Routes, and other Data on the Map.

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