Edit Waypoints on gaiagps.com




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    I find it pretty surprising that a web based application like GAIA doesn't allow the user to input GPS coordinates manually to mark waypoints on a GPS referenced base map. Garmin Mapsource, Google Maps, along with every other mapping product out there has been doing this for years.

    C'mon fellas. This is pretty basic stuff.

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    Desperately need the ability to edit the coordinates on gaiagps.com. Placement of waypoints by visual identification is pointless in a field of sagebrush with no roads. Editing coordinates on the apps is possible, but very time consuming and error prone.

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    Agree. Would also like the ability to edit the GPS coordinate of a Waypoint or to simply add a waypoint by coordinates.


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    Been waiting for this feature too!

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    You can add a waypoint to a route by clicking on one of the routepoints and then select the waypoint icon.

    You can also add new route points by clicking anywhere along your route.

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    I’ll add to that that it should be possible to add waypoints within a route. This is a big problem when you have planned a route and want to modify it. Or am I missing something?

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