What is the Difference Between A Track and A Route?




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    As I understand it, photos can only be uploaded with a route and not a track, but I haven't tested this yet.

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    Adding a photo to an active track recording can be done by opening the Create menu, “+” icon, and selecting the “Take Picture option (iOS/Android).

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    Mic Sierra

    Is there way to play back a track to see playback of the actual breadcrumbs over time? I record my mountain bike routes and would like to play back the route. The application is receiving lat-long information at certain intervals but I cannot seem to find the functionality to play this back. Is this functionality available?

    I know this can be done but have only seen this used in military applications.

    Using v1.6.3 for iOS 11.4.1 (iPad Pro 10 in)

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    @Mic Sierra
    You can use the Guide Me feature to follow a saved track, however, there is not a playback option to review your progress along track. Sorry about that.

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