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    Where do you select "Finish track"?

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    You access the “Finish Track” option by tapping the running timer either on the Stats Bar or in the Trip menu.

    • Stats Bar on the main map: see the second screenshot in the article above
    • Trip menu: see step #4 in the From the Trip Screen section
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    There is nothing intuitive about this at all. I did a Force Quit because I followed the instructions Google showed me and saw no way to stop the recording. Some guy named Andy said to hit the + to stop the recording. Of course, that did not work.

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    And I didn't have the stats up. Maybe they should be turned on whenever a recording is started, and I don't mean by the user doing it manually.

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    I'm sorry you had trouble stopping your track recordings. Once you have your stats bar displayed and the record button showing, this view will not change unless you adjust it. That way you will always be able to see the record button and can stop a recording.

    Just in case, here's how to adjust your stats bar:

    Also, you can stop a track recording directly from the Trips menu. Tap 'Trip' at the bottom of the screen to open this screen.

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