Information About how Tracks are Recorded, Saved, and Synced




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    I’ve noticed (only twice—I’m new) that mileage and elevation gain change once a recording is saved. They seem to get more accurate (shorter distances/reduced ascents). Can you a) confirm that this is not my imagination, and b) explain why this happens; does an algorithm clean things up as it’s saving?


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    Thanks for posting - I'm sorry for the trouble.

    This is a known issue which came about due to some recent changes. We are investigating and fixing the issue now.

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    "tracks are synced when you force a sync by pressing "Last Sync" in Settings (then wait for the spinner to stop and show an updated date)"

    This is not clear. as there is no "Last Sync" option in Settings. You have to select Account &Subscription ->  Last Sync.   

    The UI is poor as there is nothing on the phone screen to indicate that you can touch 'Last Sync" to force a sync. It's fine looking these things up sitting at home, but for use out the in the field the UI needs to be crystal clear.

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    I can see how it is not clear that you can tap 'Last Sync' to force a sync in the app. I adjusted this help center article to reflect this. 

    If you have “Sync with GaiaCloud” toggled on, tracks will sync automatically when you have an internet connections/service. Forcing a sync is available if there was an interruption in your connection when syncing or other issues occurred.

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