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    Is there a way to export photos from the app to a computer? I'd love it if this data could sync with my waypoints to the web.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Benzoh,

    Your photos will sync to gaiagps.com along with your waypoints, although they will take longer, so make sure to leave the app open while a sync is running.

    Once on the web, you can right-click to download your photos to your desktop.

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    Hi Ashli, 


    I can't download all my photos, I have 300 photos and i can't right-click to download one by one.

    Do you know a another option to download all photos?



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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Pavlox,

    There is not a bulk photo download available, however, can you check to see if your photos already exist on your iPhone camera roll? 

    There is a setting in the app called 'save to photo library' that should automatically save your Gaia GPS photos to your iPhone's camera unless that setting has been turned off.

    Android devices don't have that same setting, however your account is showing me you have Gaia GPS for iOS. 

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    I had that setting turned ON on my phone but the first picture I took saved to the track and to the website here but _not_ to the camera roll.  I toggled the setting later and tested and that photo did go to the camera roll.  Is there some way on either gaiagps.com or the phone to get to the original high resolution photo of the first one that didn't go to my camera roll?


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    On gaiagps.com, I added photos to some of my tracks.  The first photo I added synced to the Android app fine.  However, all of the other pictures I added do not sync correctly.  The waypoint and title show up on the map, but when i tap on the title, it shows the 1st picture I added.  In other words, it's all the same picture.

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    Ashli Baldwin


    You can download the high-resolution version of the photo from gaiagps.com. When viewing the photo, click to view the larger version before downloading. 



    I've submitted a support ticket on your behalf. Someone will review your account and be in touch shortly. 

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    I saved a bunch of pictures along a track, and the first few show up when I tap the i for the waypoint, but instead of photos the other places I took pictures show only as the waypoint on the map. Fortunately pictures synced to my album but it would be great to connect the rest of the pictures to the waypoints. I was offline part of the time on downloaded maps but that hasn’t made a difference in being able to see pictures in the past. Did I inadvertently switch a setting in the field? A later test track (with many fewer photos) works fine.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Ifarrel,

    It's possible that some of your waypoints have more than one photo attached to it, which would explain why some waypoints are showing no photos. 


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    Just started playing with adding photos to waypoints, etc.  Great feature!  Much easier than what I have been using.

    I have noticed two issues that I can seem to find a solution for.

    After uploading a photo from my Mac (airdropped to my iPad) then uploading to my waypoint from my iPad's photo roll, the name of the photo in the waypoint is my home address.  Uh, yeah, that doesn't work for me....lol.

    I'm not seeing an "edit" function to rename those photos.  I don't know where that is even coming from as the photos are screen shots or taken off the web.  

    So far, the only way I've found to stop that is to save them as screen shots or photos to my desktop and load them into waypoints onto the internet version of Gaia.  Then they show up as other names (not my home address), but I can't edit the name of the photo.

    The other one is how to view the photo on my iPad in full screen.  In the waypoint itself, the photo only shows up in the side bar and you have to scroll around to see the whole photo.  

    Anyway to expand that side bar or expand the photo itself?

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Steven,

    I'm glad you're enjoying it! Below are answers to your questions, but if you need more information, click Submit a Request above and ask for Ashli and I'd be happy to explain further.

    1) The photo names are directly related to the waypoint names. If you upload a photo to an existing waypoint, it will take on that waypoint's name. If you upload the photo directly to a track, it will create a new waypoint that gets automatically named based on the location.

    2) To change the image name - change the waypoint name.

    3) To expand the photo, tap the large preview near the top of the page rather than the small thumbnail. If you have multiple photos, swipe left or right on the large preview, then tap.

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    I must have a bug.  My waypoint name was Afton Canyon Campground.  When I uploaded the images, they were my address.  See the attached images.  I should mention, that I was sitting in my house when these got uploaded.  It's a new iPad, so I have gone through my privacy settings to stop geotagging my images....which may be the underlying issue.  But I'm dragging and dropping from the desk top now with no problem.  

    I don't see a preview button at the top of my iPad screen....just the button with the 4 arrows, layers, add and a button to center the map on my location.  On the side bar where the waypoint information is located, I only have a back arrow and a delete button when I look at a photo.

    Maybe I'm on the wrong page to start with?

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    Here's the second image.  It was too big to attach the first time.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the screenshots. I'll send you an email to chat more.

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    Bob Kelsey

    I've got a folder with tracks, photos, waypoints included.  I've been able to export all to a kml for import into Google Earth...except the photos do not export with the waypoints.  Only the tracks and waypoints seem to be in the kml.  Is there a way to export the photos with the waypoints or if not to export them to a separate kml?  thanks for your help!

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    @Bob Kelsey

    I'm sorry but photos are not attached to the KML when exported from gaiagps.com or the Android app.

    A good workaround for this is to right-click and download the photos from gaiagps.com, and then manually re-add the photos to Google Earth.

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    I followed a route created on Gaia GPS and snapped photos within the app (iOS) along that route. The pix saved and synced fine to the web site.

    So far all good. 

    BUT the photos do not show up on the route map.

    How do I get the pictures I took along the route (and synced) to display on the route? 


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    I'm sorry there was an issue adding photos to your route and I've sent you an email with more information on how to add photos so they are visible along a route.

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    How do I rotate a photo once added to my new track. Also is there a way to delete the photo?

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    Thanks for posting. There is not a built-in feature to rotate photos in the app, sorry about that.

    However, you can download the photo from your account on gaiagps.com, rotate it, and then upload it back to your track.

    You can delete a photo in the app or on gaiagps.com by following these steps.

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    Hello!  I've been using Gaia to assist in a forest ecology class project, taking geotagged photos of timber treatments in an experimental forest.  I'm using android, and I've discovered on this thread that my photo album does not save these photos as it did on an iphone (so there is no way to retrieve them from my device short of taking screen shots of low-resolution thumbnails).  I synced the 9 waypoints and 43 photos stored on my phone to the cloud, but only 22 photos show up online.  Is there any hope for recovery of the missing images? 

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    I'm sorry there was an issue syncing your photos.

    Can you send the activity logs to support so we can look into this?

    • open Gaia GPS > Settings > Other > Send Logs

    In the meantime, you can export the photos from the app by:

    • open Gaia GPS > Saved > open the details page for the waypoint w/ the photo > tap the thumbnail for the photo > Export > select GPX (KML could work also) > select the Email option
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    I just started using GAIA for my geology studies and considering the membership options:

    Several questions:

    1) Can GAIA open a geopdf? Many of our maps are geopdf. How about other GIS formats like a Shape file.

    2) Geotagged field photos are important. I took a photo with waypoint and exported. But the saved jpeg is without location data. Is there a way to keep these data? Maybe a geotiff?

    3) Can GAIA make a profile of terrain. To geologist a topographic profile for a cross section?

    Thanks, Thom


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    Thanks for posting. I answered your questions below:
    1. We are currently working on adding the ability to add GeoPDFs to the app and are hoping to have this project available in the first half of this year.

    2. When a photo is exported from the app, the JPEG should contain location data - I'm sorry if that's not what you are experiencing.

    Can you click Submit Request above with a link to one of your waypoints with a photo and we can investigate this issue?

    3. Being able to create a topographic profile would be a powerful feature to add to Gaia GPS. While topographic profiles are not available, you are able to create the elevation profile of a cross-section by creating a route in Straight Line mode. Here's how on Android or the web.

    Feel free to add a feature request for this in the Gaia GPS Community Forum as well.

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