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    Is there a way to export photos from the app to a computer? I'd love it if this data could sync with my waypoints to the web.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Benzoh,

    Your photos will sync to gaiagps.com along with your waypoints, although they will take longer, so make sure to leave the app open while a sync is running.

    Once on the web, you can right-click to download your photos to your desktop.

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    Hi Ashli, 


    I can't download all my photos, I have 300 photos and i can't right-click to download one by one.

    Do you know a another option to download all photos?



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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Pavlox,

    There is not a bulk photo download available, however, can you check to see if your photos already exist on your iPhone camera roll? 

    There is a setting in the app called 'save to photo library' that should automatically save your Gaia GPS photos to your iPhone's camera unless that setting has been turned off.

    Android devices don't have that same setting, however your account is showing me you have Gaia GPS for iOS. 

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    I had that setting turned ON on my phone but the first picture I took saved to the track and to the website here but _not_ to the camera roll.  I toggled the setting later and tested and that photo did go to the camera roll.  Is there some way on either gaiagps.com or the phone to get to the original high resolution photo of the first one that didn't go to my camera roll?


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    On gaiagps.com, I added photos to some of my tracks.  The first photo I added synced to the Android app fine.  However, all of the other pictures I added do not sync correctly.  The waypoint and title show up on the map, but when i tap on the title, it shows the 1st picture I added.  In other words, it's all the same picture.

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    Ashli Baldwin


    You can download the high-resolution version of the photo from gaiagps.com. When viewing the photo, click to view the larger version before downloading. 



    I've submitted a support ticket on your behalf. Someone will review your account and be in touch shortly. 

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    I saved a bunch of pictures along a track, and the first few show up when I tap the i for the waypoint, but instead of photos the other places I took pictures show only as the waypoint on the map. Fortunately pictures synced to my album but it would be great to connect the rest of the pictures to the waypoints. I was offline part of the time on downloaded maps but that hasn’t made a difference in being able to see pictures in the past. Did I inadvertently switch a setting in the field? A later test track (with many fewer photos) works fine.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Ifarrel,

    It's possible that some of your waypoints have more than one photo attached to it, which would explain why some waypoints are showing no photos. 


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