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    Hi Gaia - love the app and have used it since beta testing quite a number of years ago.

    I'm downloading large areas of the Gaia Topo (feet) layer for a 1,500 mile trek we are about to start. I understand this will take about 20-30 gig on my device, and that is acceptable.

    It is currently loading one area at a time (15 more to go) at a rate of about 50 KB/s. (All other services on the device are running at normal data speeds).

    It seems at that rate, I could go draw the route on paper by exploring it firsthand - is there a way to speed this up?

    Thanks so much!

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    Why do you guys claim that maps are accessible offline and one can download for offline use as much as one need -the only thing you point out is that "more zoom = more detail you will be able to see on the downloaded map. However, the amount of space the map will take up on your device also increases." I have 128GB and downloaded 20x20km chunk of map in mid resolution and when I want to proceed with downloading there's an error message saying " There is a limit of 160 000 MapBox tiles available for offline use, Delete other offline maps to finish download" I hope this is just a joke and this issue will be resolved because before making the purchase I went through your website page by page to avoid situations like this -after paying for membership suddenly the app that was supposed to do the job (as it is claimed all-over your website is useless for my needs. Please resolve this problem as I am about to go 4x4 in Romania and Moldova (around 8,000km) and with that amount of offline maps .... I won't bother using this app. Online access via 3G connection is not an option since I'd go bankrupt on roaming, and second thing is that places I go have literally no reception.

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    @SpeedGlampersUberfahrt: Can you update to the new version of Gaia GPS and let me know at if your download speeds improve?

    If you would prefer to continue using the Gaia GPS Classic app (without the gold border), I would recommend checking out the Gaia Topo (vector) map source which has been optimized for smaller download sizes. The vector version of Gaia Topo can be found in the Topo Maps section of the Layers Menu.


    @nadziak: Please check your inbox for a follow up email with more information about the MapBox Satellite download limit in the new version of Gaia GPS.

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    Perhaps it's time to allow users to download the maps on a desktop then just import the file when you sync your phone... I mean..much, much faster than the 170 KB/s I'm getting.

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    It is possible to send the boundaries for an offline map to the app by using the “Send to app” feature on

    After searching for a trail, park, or POI on

    1. Select the “Send to app” option in the search results
    2. Name the data and select your preferred map layers
    3. Sync your device with to transfer the data

    If you have toggled on the Auto-resume option for map downloads, Gaia GPS will begin to download the offline map.

    Also, can you publicly request for creating offline maps on on the Gaia GPS Community Forums so other users can vote and comment? You'll get notifications about the progress on your idea as well.


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    Thanks for pointing this out!

    Another helpful, but I guess primitive, way that speeds up the download time is to place the phone right next to the WiFi router.

    It worked for me last night...downloaded 2GB map in less than 15min.

    But I guess this is a WiFi issue as the phone is often not on top of your WiFi router very often :)

    Bottom line: The download speeds are there...the mobile map download works...but you better have a clear-to-perfect connection to be able to do it fast!

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    My downloaded maps remain red, is there a reason for that?

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    Ashli Baldwin

    RiniChisanainori, you are viewing a map preview -- if you go back and select 'Show on Main Map' from the action menu (three dots icon), the downloaded map will load in the main view without the red outline.

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