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    Seems like the public lands layer is raster based on the download size. Any chance you will produce a vector version? I want to download it for all of the West so I always know where there's some nearby BLM land for camping :) 

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    Ashli Baldwin


    Public Lands is Raster in Gaia GPS Classic, however, it's vector in the new version of Gaia GPS if you'd like to give that a try:

    Also, if you reduce the maximum zoom level while downloading, you'll reduce the size of the download dramatically.

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    This might be obvious for others, but are we to assume the areas having no color shading are areas that are for "public" use? One aspect of the legends that would help tremendously—in my opinion—are definitions of the legend terms. i.e. what does it mean for an area to be shaded as a "State" feature? Or otherwise. Thanks!

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    Hey Derek, 

    The Public Land overlay shades areas owned by the US government, some are open to public use and some not. Generally, BLM land is open to the public and some forest service land, but restrictions vary and you should double-check with your local forest service websites for more info. 

    Thanks for your feedback on this legend. I updated this article with more information on the different landowners and where to find more information about regulations for each. 

    Hope that helps :)

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