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    Mark Erskine

    Apple Watch module of this app Definitely needs updating. I have the current firmwares for both my iPhone 6s and Apple Watch, and the most current version of Gaia. Works fine on the phone. Very buggy if not worthless on watch. Reported to Gaia with logs. Same with other people on same trip. LOVE the app on the phone, but only works sometimes on the watch.  

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    Zooming in and out is really poorly done. How about the crown button?

    Not being able to get vector maps for offline use is also a big problem.

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    It would be great to have a complication as well, would be nice to make a watch face with Gaia right there instead of going through my list of apps every time I want an update.

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    The zoom and pan on the watch definitely need updated. I got a watch mostly for SAR using Gaia, and have been woefully disappointed. It feels like the entire Gaia watch app was coded in one afternoon. On a Friday. Before a three day weekend.

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    Most of the time Gaia GPS shows Not Connected on my Apple Watch 3rd Generation. As a result it does not update the map location or the statistics. You have to uninstall it and reinstall to get it connected again.

    What about an option to download a track to the watch and then follow the track using haptic events, or optionally voice events, for left, right (or even vertical up or down for climbers). No need to ever look at the phone or watch.

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    I was able to test the app on an Apple Watch today. It’s very slow to zoom and seems to have limited functionality. I love Gaia but it’s performance on the watch is definitely lacking. Improvements in this area would surely attract more Gaia customers?

    I’m glad I was able to test it before I purchased an Apple Watch.

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