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    Any way to create something OTHER than the icons provided?  Like a letter of the alphabet, or an asterisk, etc.

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    Yes, I agree with the arehart.....I can't seem to find anything about customizing icons or uploading new ones.  For instance, there isn't a "tent" symbol for a campsite.  Also, I don't see a way to change the colors of the icons.  These would be very helpful.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    There isn't a way to upload your own symbols or change the colors from what's available, sorry all! 


    @steven, the Tent symbol is there in the 4th row from the top in the screenshot above.

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    Ok, I'm seeing it now, thanks.

    My $0.02.....more icons.  I read somewhere (I think it was on Overland Bound's forum) that Gaia is trying to move more into the "Overlanding" segment and icons for propane, diesel, checkpoints, freshwater....etc would be very helpful.  

    iOverlander has a good set of icons as does Google Maps.  Just some ideas reference what I am referring to.  

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    Missing Icons: Hiking, Mine, Closed (like circle with line through it), Something to represent water, 4x4 or Jeep, Binoculars (View), Gun (Shooting Range/Area), Hot Spring

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    ski lift, gondola would be good well as TH for trailhead.

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    I'd like to be able to change icons for several waypoints at once. Can I do that. I have a gpx files with 300 points and want them to look different so I can tell camp sites from bear boxes. Do I have to editable 300 points individually?

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    Currently, there is not a way to edit multiple waypoint icons at once in Gaia GPS. Sorry about that.

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    Need to add a "key" to icons. Some are obvious, others not so much...

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    I too would like additional icons and to be able to change the color of the icon. In addition to the ones above (hiking, closed, mine, 4x4, binoculars, water, 4x4, trailhead), I'd also like to see a picnic table, ruins, petroglyphs.

    Is adding additional icons even on the radar for Gaia?


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