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    while recording a track, if i add a waypoint, it will not show on the active map, as the track does. previously both would be visible on the active map, now only track.  i can close the session, look at the line and waypoint data, and it will all show, but the waypoints will no longer show while recording the tract.  makes return trip with options at waypoints nearly impossible,

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi J,

    I'm sorry you had trouble with that. I think you might be using an older version of Gaia GPS. Can you click 'Submit a Request' above to contact the support team? We'll send you instructions to get updated. 

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    I have a waypoint I created in another program that I exported as both a .gpx and .kml file. I emailed them to myself to open in Gaia Pro. They both import fine, show up in my list of waypoints, and I can view them on the 'preview map' (the map you can access from the waypoint detail page at the top) but when I tap on 'Show on Main Map' it never appears. I have the Waypoints Overlay turned on, and all my normal waypoints generated in Gaia appear. These imported ones do not, however. Here is the text in the .gpx file...

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <wpt lat="57.747999" lon="-152.259002">

    ... so nothing weird. Any ideas? I can import tracks and other stuff fine but marks/waypoints not so much.

    Gaia Pro v10.9.15 for iOS 11.4

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    I'm sorry you are having an issue viewing your waypoints on the main map and I have sent you an email with more information to troubleshoot this.

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    I'm also having a lot of issues with waypoints dissapearing at seemingly random times. I have quite a number of them (and a lot of tracks) and wonder if it's having trouble displaying so many as it redraws the map after a zoom. After one or more waypoints dissapeary, If I zoom in and out or background/foreground the app several times I can often get the waypoint I'm looking for to be redrawn (sometimes quickly but often after a long time and some frustration if out in the field), but it may vanish again if I zoom again. Also, I have the most recent version of the program (7.0.9 on 8/20/18).

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    It turns out my issue was as simple as the fact that data imported in a folder is hidden (turned off) by default, and all I had to do was turn the parent folder 'on' and everything popped into view. It was counter intuitive that something you were importing would default to being hidden/turned off. 

    I too notice things disappearing and reappearing when redrawing the map or zooming. I figured it was just an issue of having too many things going on.

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    I'm sorry you are having an issue with all of your waypoints displaying.

    I've sent you a follow-up email with more information to troubleshoot this.

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