Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started with Gaia GPS 

    1. Map Legends
    2. Downloading a Map
    3. Create a Waypoint
    4. Recording Tracks
    5. Finding Trails in Gaia GPS
  2. Managing Your Tracks 

    1. Import Tracks and Waypoints (GPX and KML)
    2. Import GPX and KML on Website
    3. Import GPX and KML Files by Email
    4. Import Tracks and Waypoints (GPX and KML) from Dropbox
    5. Import GPX and KML Files Through iTunes
  3. Downloading and Creating Maps and Overlays 

    1. Downloading Maps
    2. Download Maps Along a Track
    3. Make the Map Orient to the Direction of Your Movement and Scroll as you Move
    4. Add Additional User Added Maps
    5. Overlay NEXRAD Radar Weather
  4. Battery and Data Usage Saving Tips 

    1. Reduce Battery Loss
    2. Using Offline Mode
    3. Prevent your Map Downloads from Auto-Resuming over a Cell Connection
    4. Turn Off your Cellular Data Connection:
  5. Information for International (and Alaskan) Users 

    1. Gaia GPS Languages
    2. Canadian Topo Maps
    3. International Topo Maps
    4. Set Units to Metric or Imperial
  6. Issues and Troubleshooting 

    1. Troubleshooting
    2. Report an Issue
    3. Gaia GPS isn't locating me. How do I fix this?
    4. Fix When Compass Mode Does Not Change Map Orientation
    5. Adding Gaia GPS to an Additional Device

    1. What is GaiaCloud?
    2. How to Use GaiaCloud
    3. Using the Gaia GPS Website
    4. Reset Your Password
    5. Share Tracks Using
  8. GaiaPro 

    1. What is GaiaPro?
    2. GaiaPro - How to Use Layered Maps
    3. GaiaPro Syncs High-Res Photos
    4. GaiaPro - How to Download Layered Maps
    5. GaiaPro- Using Gridlines
  9. Information for Prospective Gaia GPS Users 

    1. What maps are included in Gaia GPS?
    2. What is the difference between Gaia GPS and Offline Topo Maps?
    3. Using External GPS Devices with Gaia (Dual XGPS, Bad Elf, etc.)
  10. Offline Topo Maps Manual 

    1. Download Maps
    2. Save a Waypoint
    3. Change your Map Source
    4. Get Guidance to a Waypoint
    5. Restore your Gaia GPS Upgrade from Offline Topo Maps
  11. All articles 

    1. Reduce Battery Loss
    2. Import Tracks and Waypoints (GPX and KML)
    3. Troubleshooting
    4. What maps are included in Gaia GPS?
    5. Gaia GPS Languages

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